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Weekly Menu

Did you know we change our menu every two to three weeks? There are so many different desserts and everyone has a different favorite; this way we get to try them all! Items you saw in the case last month or even last week may not be there the next time you come around. The more requests we get for a dessert, the sooner it makes an appearance in the case. So if you like something, say something!

Lunch Menu

Special Events—Menu sampling, tea cuppings, themed afternoon teas… we have all kinds of special events and fundraisers at SPOON.  Check the website and social media pages for our calendar of events.

Special Orders for cakes, cheesecakes, cookies, brownies, and other baked goods are available. Any order placed within 72 hours of the pickup time may be subject to a rush order fee.  Please call 757-689-7995 to schedule a consultation or place an order.

Our signature cake flavors are:

Cookie Butter – Caramel cake filled with cookie butter, covered in brown sugar cinnamon frosting.

Black Velvet– Devil’s food cake filled with ganache covered in fudge frosting, and topped with ganache.

Cookies n’ Cream Reversed – Oreo filled vanilla cake covered in chocolate frosting.

Honey Butter – Honey cake frosted with a honey & butterscotch frosting.

Wedding Cake – Almond cake filled with raspberry jam and frosted with Almond Buttercream

Coconut Almond – Almond cake with Coconut frosting covered in sliced almonds.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough – Chocolate chip cake filled with cookie dough covered in brown sugar buttercream.

Apple Butter Spice – Spice cake frosted with an Apple butter cream cheese frosting.

Jolly Chocolate Espresso – chocolate cake frosted with an espresso buttercream.

Espresso Stout – Chocolate stout cake frosted with our espresso buttercream.